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To establish an account with COMFORT ZONE HEATING & COOLING, we require ALL customers to have a credit card on file in our system.

We ask that first time customers pay upon completion to establish an account with us. We accept cash, check, or credit card. If you wish to pay by credit card, I have provided the credit card authorization form.

Please note: Your credit card will be automatically, unless you wanted to pay by Check or Zelle.

Our Rates:
  1. Mechanic Costs for Visit: $189.50 Hrly
  2. We will provide you with a proposal of total Cost w/parts for Repair/Service
  3. We will bill Credit Card,Check and/or Zelle
  4. We will come out and look at the job for an hour Charge. If you accept our proposal, the one hour payment will be applied towards the proposal. If you do not accept our proposal, the cost to look at the job will remain.
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Product Issues

In exchange for the services the client will pay Comfort Zone according to the schedule quotes as set forth in service estimate, all additions and or omissions must be approved by all parties unless other terms are agreed upon. All payments made to Comfort Zone in reference to this proposal will be tracked by your purchase or work order if possible. All customers are required to hold and maintain a valid Credit Card on file. Comfort Zone reserves the right to charge any credit card on file (1) for all work performed at Clients location, upon successful completion (2) For reoccurring monthly maintenance plan.

Cancellations/Terminations: in the event that the scope of the work is cancelled, Comfort Zone will be compensated for any work completed based on a breakdown of this proposed estimate. If the work completed is not covered in Comfort Zone's terms, then the client agrees to compensate Comfort Zone based on a percentage scale of work completed up to the cancellation date.

Governing Law: This proposal shall be construed in accordance with the laws and regulations of: The State of New York, State of New Jersey, and by the Federal Government.

Liability: Comfort Zone will not be responsible for any failures due to equipment manufacturer defects, deleterious conditions, acts of god, sabotage, terrorism, power company shortages, or any improper operation of the equipment or neglectfully actions by the client or their employees. Comfort Zone will not be responsible for statement, promises or any other communications by personnel outside of our office and service manager. WARRANTY and GUARENTEE: Comfort Zone guarantees our workmanship only. Parts and equipment failure are warranted by the equipment manufacturer. Warranties are subject to maintenance. Only valid with a maintenance agreement with Comfort Zone. REFUND: Any parts and/or units that are special ordered, deposits are non refundable. Also, no refunds on deposits for any parts and/or system installation are non-refundable after 48 hours.
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